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Bill Rolland, Inc. is the right call for corporate video producing, directing, and scriptwriting - especially customer testimonials and case studies - specializing in…

REPRESENTING YOU with CUSTOMERS and PARTNERS: Bill Rolland interviews CEOs and engineers, members of Congress and city mayors, always professional and knowledgeable, always leaving the best possible impression of you and your company

US and GLOBAL TRAVEL: Bill Rolland has the specialized gear, international documentation, and local crew contacts to capture your video anywhere in the world – fast, easy, stress-free

TRUSTED, RELIABLE, COMPETENT, and DEPENDABLE: Bill Rolland lets you choose how “hands-on” you want to be – though most clients appreciate that Bill Rolland can independently plan, manage, and accomplish every phase in the video production workflow

ABOVE: I love the speaker’s description of his workplace, though it had to be removed for the final file as all mentions of alcoholic beverages are not permitted for this client

BELOW: My children and I occasionally create video exercises called “5-by-5’s”, where the object is to capture 5 interesting shots of 5 seconds each, with some random restriction (in the case below, all 5 shots had to be from the same tripod location). Enjoy my daughter’s 5X5!

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