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Bill Rolland, Inc. is the right call for corporate video producing, directing, and scriptwriting - especially customer testimonials and case studies - specializing in…

REPRESENTING YOU with CUSTOMERS and PARTNERS: Bill Rolland interviews CEOs and engineers, members of Congress and city mayors, always professional and knowledgeable, always leaving the best possible impression of you and your company

US and GLOBAL TRAVEL: Bill Rolland has the specialized gear, international documentation, and local crew contacts to capture your video anywhere in the world – fast, easy, stress-free

TRUSTED, RELIABLE, COMPETENT, and DEPENDABLE: Bill Rolland lets you choose how “hands-on” you want to be – though most clients appreciate that Bill Rolland can independently plan, manage, and accomplish every phase in the video production workflow

ABOVE: The speakers in this inspiring video were taped by 11:00 am, the video edited by 1:30 pm, then delivered via USB flash drive for a live keynote address by 3:15 pm.

BELOW, MIDDLE: I enjoy taping outdoors when possible, but the environmental challenges can be substantial. This day was a bone-chilling 50 degrees with a crisp 20-knot breeze. My daughter Emily controlled the second camera unit while my son Andy held the shotgun mic boom

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BELOW: I traveled to Atlanta, GA and videotaped these interviews on an auto sales showroom floor. I really enjoy shooting in authentic environments - though challenging, I feel it adds credibility and immediacy